Reliable Co-Op Partner Wanted

Hello everyone,

As the title suggests I'm currently looking for someone to play Dead Space 3 with. Not only would I like this person to have some experience but also be willing to actually explore and find things such as artifacts and do the co-op missions.

When I say "reliable" I mean someone who won't rage-quit or ignore their partner being swarmed by enemies. Because this happens all the time and I'm frankly getting sick of joining random people online because it's never reliable. I'd also love to play the game from start to finish with someone instead of hopping between chapters.

If you're interested write me here, send me a private message or simply add my gamertag.




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I'm up for playing co-op, if your still up for it. I've been looking to play from start to finish with someone, while also doing the co-op missions and exploring. Feel free to message me.