Release date soon to be revealed (link in post)

Hey guys, if you haven't seen me running aroung this forum, i have been hunting and hunting down information about minecraft and anything to go with it. Possobly the most interesting thing I have found yet, a release date to reveal a release date. A twitter account supposedly representing microsoft studios for xbox live has "tweeted"?( if thats what twitter post are) that they will be revealing the release date for the game on Thursday. You will have to speculate for yourself, but I figured i would share what I have found with you. Here is the link to the post,

     This is kind of suspicious because it says tease, but it would be nice if this is a legit thing. If I were you guys I would keep an eye out on this twitter account. I will be posting any more information I find about this. Also, if this is a legitament account this means we won't be receiving this game tomorrow, but we will know how long we will have to wait. Keep your fingers crossed.


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You could easily just wait it out until Microsoft announces the schedule with it on there. Probably going to be early April.

The account seems legit, i would say early april as well. But, if the twitter account and post is honest, then we will see this all over the internet as well as xbox live on the dashboard. If not then whoever owns the account is lying

We'll see. No sense in getting all hyped up, though. Just to not be let down by another false rumor or so. Not saying you have, just to take it easy and be patient.

I have checked the account. There is an official site sponsored by esrb. (I'm not sure that it might be partially owned by esrb) Seems like a reliable claim