Release Animal To Wild, but Still There?

So, I've encountered this 3 times now.  I have an animal that is level 15 and I select the "Return to Wild" option, but the animal never gets picked up by a helicopter.  The first time it happened, he disappeared after I had saved my game and loaded it later on that day.  Anyone else have this happen?


P.S.  If I select the animal, the "Return to Wild" option is now blacked out.  It's like he/she is stuck.


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This happens to me pretty much every time I release an antelope. Once you choose to release or trade an animal, you can no longer interact with it. For some reason the helicopter doesn't show up sometimes, meaning you have to save, exit, and reload in order for the sequence to complete.

Yea, I guess I've figured out that is the only fix for it (currently).  The 2 animals that were just sittin' around waiting despawned when I loaded the game back up.  Not a big deal, just annoying.