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Just got a quick question. Is there a way I can play two different offline franchises? I have one right now but I would really like another one to mess around with and I don't know if I can do that without over writing my current franchise save.


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I'm pretty sure you can have two saves. Just go into your save file and change the name in the options. Then go and save the new franchise as the default. Then after you load them they will save as the names you gave them.

I would think you can, I havent figured it out though. I tried to make a second franchise and it screwed my old one over by overwriting it. Im not too happy about that....

Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. When the game saves, it seems to have only one save file for a franchise and when you go to save again and it asks you if you would like to overwrite the current save and you say no, it just takes you out and won't save it.

you can start as many as you want just make sure you say no when it ask if you want to overwrite your last

Even  then, it creates a separate file for each Franchise....Found out yesterday I still had 3 different ones saved without even trying.