Region Free Games.

sorry if i am posting in the wrong place but i could use some info.

will i get banned if i play any region free games on my xbox while signed in to xbox live? (i have a U.S. account)

these are the games i wish to get: (if it helps):

Don Don Pachi Resurrection Deluxe Edition.(PAL)

Bullet Soul.(NTSC-J)

Mushihimesama Futari ver 1.5 (NTSC_J

Espgaluda 2 Black Label. (NTSC-J)

Muchi Muchi Pork & Pink Sweets. (NTSC-J)

i really want these games but i don't want to get banned for playing them.


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If the Game is Region Free and simply plays by no External Methods, you are fine. In short, put the Game in and if it plays you are good to go.

how about using a U.S xbox live account on a japanese 360?

there have been people claiming that they have done this and have not been banned.

my reason for asking is i would like any japanese game achievements i unlock to be added to my gamer score. but is not worth it if there is any risk of getting banned.

i read the T.O.U but its not very specific on this matter.  

never mind my last post its not that important.