Regeneration System is flawed...

Titanfall is a great game... fast paced, visceral, fun... except when you want to Regenerate... then Titanfall becomes slow, plodding, and boring... during the last Regen I was stuck with the frustrating Plasma Railgun... getting 50 Titan kills with it was torture.. almost all luck, hitting a Titan at just the right time... in a one on one battle, the Railgun using Titan will almost always lost to the Titan using virtually anything else... except for the Arc Cannon... it feels even weaker than the Plamsa Railgun... I thought when I earned the Capacitor it would have been better, but it becomes a game of luck again, as you have to charge it to use it, and once charged it fires, by which time your target has probably lunged out of your line of fire... the Arc Cannon does well at killing Grunts, Spectres, and even Pilots... but it is simply not efficient at dooming Titans... I played for an hour earlier, struggling to get even two dooms during that time... my team lost every game and I was low on the score because I was spending my entire game trying to doom a Titan with this flyswatter of a weapon... At some point I had enough, changed my Titan's main weapon to Chaingun and, against the same team, my team won the match easily... I was at the top of the leaderboard again... I had FUN again... some of the Regen challenges simply bleed the FUN out of the game... if you prefer a certain weapon, why let you use that weapon through the Regns, just setting the bar higher and higher each time... tell me I have to doom 500 Titans with the Chaingun or 40mm cannon to advance? I'm all for it! Tell me to doom 50 Titans with the Arc Cannon? Fun factor of the game simply bleeds away... just my thoughts...


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The railgun is a LTS sniper and in a good team its deadly, the ark canon is mental, get your timings right its crazy what it can do vs 2+ titans, i do know what you mean with it taking you out of playstyle(sniper rile challange i hated) but some stuff is very cool, Arc canon and trple threat stand out for me and if it wasent for the challanges i wouldent have used them enough to realise how good they are, the next level 50 mvps is gunna stall me tho lol, gl m8.

The best part of the Regen system is that you DON"T have to use it. If you find a challenge to difficult then just don't regenerate, why make yourself hate a great game.  I admit I had some trouble with a few challenges (Railgun, goosers pre patch, and dropping my titan on 50 people) they all took time but I DID IT and now that I'm Gen. 8 the only thing keeping me from Regnerating is the "All I Do is Win" challenge, You have to win 100 matches. I'm at 32 now, but seeing as that's all I have to do I'm allowed to fall back into my normal playstyle, using what weapons and equipment I want to and not NEED to. It does make the game more enjoyable when you can play the way you like and not the way someone else wants you to

The only thing flawed about the regen system as that people feel compelled to complain about the that they think they HAVE to do it. They're called "challenges" for a reason, but, if they're sucking the fun outta the game for you, don't worry about 'em. I enjoyed the challenges when I was doing them, but even I'll admit that having a sticker next to your name isn't all that epic. The best part about it though is that it can make you a more well rounded player since you do play through all the weapons.

The only thing flawed about the regen system is it's attached to a terrible, ill-conceived game.

Visceral? LOL...that's a good one.

I hated the goose challenge, that was the hardest one I did s o far, but I got it eventually. The thing I think is flawed about it is the 100 wins challenge. Hate having to rely on getting a team that know what they're doing just so I can regent. Much prefer the challenges that test your skill not the skill of the pug groups you get. That being said, I only need about 15 more, just takes time and patience.

I'd ignore the challenges, but a decade of Prestiging in CoD makes it feel like I'm "wasting" a bunch of XP  as I struggle with that POS Railgun.  Would be cool if there was a way to "buy" out of the challenge with XP.