Regenerate challenges.

I am Generation 3 level 17. I am trying to get the challenges done to regenerate.

If It Moves... (R-97) Tiers: 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 
Top Gun (R-97 Compact SMG) Tiers: 5, 15, 30, 50, 75 
If It Moves... (Plasma Railgun) Tiers: 5, 15, 25, 50, 100 
Titan Killer (Plasma Railgun) Tiers: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 
No Hitter (Satchel Charge) Tiers: 1, 5, 15, 30, 50


I cant start these till level 50? They are not listed under the challenges. Am I missing something?


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Sounds like somethings wrong.  I think you can start on the challenges as soon as the regen begins.  Thus I've been wasting my time on that garbage railgun.

You're supposed to be able to start them from level 4... But you have to unlock the weapons/ordinance needed first which are unlocked at different levels.

They're separate from your normal challenges.  You go into challenges like you normally would and scroll down the to the bottom and it should say REGENERATION CHALLENGES click on that and you will see them, and like dude above said you just need the proper weapon to complete said challenge. Regardless of your level, even if you kill a pilot and pick up his weapon (if needed for the challenge) then proceed to kill other pilots with the dropped weapon it WILL count towards your challenge EVEN if you don't have that weapon unlocked yet, same goes for Titans, kill an enemy Titan, pick up his weapon, lets say it's the railgun and you don't have it unlocked yet, then go kill other titans with it and it will count for you challenge progress  

Thanks for the info. I did not see the regeneration challenge at the bottom.

you should be able to start them as soon as the weapon is unlocked im gen 8 level 50 and iv always finished the challenges by level 49 but gen 8 is gonna take some time im 33/100 wins

The Regeneration Challenge structure of Titanfall is the only real issue I have with the game... there are a reason that most people use a small number of weapons/load outs... they work... many of the weapons, both Pilot and Titan, are simply outmatched by the standard Carbine in almost every case, as is the Railgun by almost everything else... the game forces you to spend hours and hours with these crippling weapons, though, in order to Regenerate... in other online FPS games with (dare I say Prestige levels), you had things to accomplish, etc, but they would naturally occur in the flow on your regular game... I did not step into a Titan once over the last two days as I was struggling to get 50 Pilot Kills with the Longbow DMR... sniping is just not practical in Titanfall, yet they force you to use it for hours, if not days... the same with the Railgun... while it is true that at the completion of both Railgun and DMR Challenges, I had learned how to use them to somewhat consistent effect, but so what... I may have learned algebra in college, but like the DMR and Railgun I hope to never have to use them again.  I just wish the Regeneration system was structured more around the flow of the game and your preferred playstyle, rather than forcing you to be non-competitive for large spans of time as you slog through obscure weapons and challenges...

I would agree with you GHG but that's a slippery slope to go down. Once people start complaining about weapons being over/under powered than the gun patches start to roll out with tweaks to this gun and nerfs to that gun, and before you know it the game sucks. That's what killed Black Ops 2 for me and so many other gamers, and most certainly it will do the same for this game. So I say PLEASE do not tweak the guns in any way, It may seem unfair but each gun DOES have a purpose although some have more of a purpose than others (carbine)


I had a bit of a hard time at the start with the DMR, but once I unlocked the AOG scope, it became a lot easier... I ended up liking it as it's quite powerful. It's no match for the EV8 or Carbine up close, but just a bit of room goes a long way.

The Plasma Rail Gun challenge was challenging until I got the Quick Fire mod... Then, not so much.

I guess the point is, if you persist,you might actually benefit from using different play styles, as I've found that personally, my game has gotten better due to trying different tactics I might not have tried if it wasn't for the challenges.

Just my opinion... But I do get your point.

I will kill the gooser challenge.  I'm gen 5 level 40+ and I have zero...not that I've been really trying for them but I haven't completely avoided trying for those kills.  Total goosers in my many, many hours of playing: 3.


I loved the game until I go to the regen ( I apparently didn't read that before I got the game) but I basically hate playing (any game) with shotguns or sniper rifles. I bought the game to play the way I want to play not the way they want to make me. So I got to level 2, after I found out I had to do this or that with what ever weapon I put the game down and haven't played I again.

I still have it as I loved it, but hope they will change that in the future where i can regen without having to use weapons i dispise. If they do I will put it back in and play it again. Until, its shelfed.

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