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Not knowing all the details behind it, i used it for my 3rd prestige with the hopes that it would let me reallocate my permanent token unlocks [which is currently M8 and Ghost....and now SMR].  Since the UAV nerf i don't feel i need it as much and wanted to unlock the Chicom [my fav smg].   It didn't go as planned.  Actually idk what happened.  I still had ghost\m8 and extra perma token [smr].  Maybe i had a few more level tokens, IDK.  I got to lvl 10 this morn in about 2 games [still x2 xp].  Seems like a total waste.  Would have preferred another extra slot.


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I think it's in case you are level 55 and don't want to prestige's a way to re-pick your regular unlocks.  Would have been cool if it reset perm unlocks.

You don't use it immediately upon prestiging - that's a waste. It's best used somewhere in between prestiging. It resets all of your regular tokens (only) & locks everything you unlocked with them. This gives you the ability to change what you selected, in order to try something else instead. The benefit of doing this is so you don't have to wait until you prestige again to try something new.

Yeah i did this yesterday,was pretty pointless.

I took the extra class.  

Which is weird in the change class menu, because the sixth class replaces the first default class, rather than joins the rest of your custom classes in the upper list.  I hope that makes sense.

I rather take the extra class than this. I only unlock a few guns/perks anyways.

I usually end up with a ton of leftover tokens. I'd rather have the extra classes, unlock more goodies and have them at the ready.

 i unlock create  a class and a perk with the other token