Red/Green Bar Issue

Apparently there has been an issue all day where every few minutes everyone but a few people have red latency bar and the ones who don't have full green bars and can run around with no lag killing everyone lagging.  It has been happening all day with multiple different hosts to many different people.

It's not your normal lag issue and I would almost say it seems like a glitch that people found to do it on purpose with how frequent it happens but I have been one of the people with green latency bars a few times so I would say somehow it's server related.


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Haven't seen it all day.... Just a normal day of black ops 2...

Played all morning and was fine but I am now experiencing the same problem.

Been having this same issue! Any update on what's going on?

nb4lagswitcha...............People probably manipulating bandwidth. I mean, this is COD.

Noticed this as well. Yesterday and today.  Game has become unplayable.  What happened?  One little red bar for a minute or so, then OK for a bit, then laggy again.  Every lobby I joined today had the issue.  Nothing changed on my end.


Everyone quits, we never make it to 75 in TDM because there are only 2 or 3 left on a team.  I don't want to quit out because of Probation.  


Seems like a good time to get Far Cry 3.

this happened to me and my friends last night as well.

Weird.  I had no issues last night.  Actually had really good connection.  I played between 12am and 2am CST though.