Red Shoe Rebels (RsR!) - Recruiting.

Ladies ladies ladies...

If you're tired of always playing with the guys then come check us out. We are an all girl clan. A friendly bunch who like to have a laugh an kick @@@ on MW3.

If you are interested please either message me back on my GT, or check us out on our website... (if you like what you see click on the join us tab then apply for RsR)

We do have a brother clan for you guys aswell if you are interested (Blue Shoe Bandits)

An for those young ones we also have  a junior clan.  (RBj)

(NA and EU)

Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.


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Hey, I do currently have my own gaming community, however, i am always looking for new people to play with :D

Kool if you ever want a friendly scrim with us just go to our website and leave us a little challenge.

Ladies we have updated our site so now you can check us out if you are interested in joining.

Seeking new EU members.

All we require is a K/D of 0.80 or over, if its just under that then a SPM of 150+

Mic is a must.

Elite premium would be great but not essential.

Any other girl clans that want to scrim then leave us a challenge on the site.

For the guys we are no longer affiliated with B$B.

Lol these chicks got their a$$ handed to them on Friday night fights LMAO

Come back with an insult of people getting their a$$ kicked when you have a K/D over 1.

Clan battle my clan then so we can whoop ya @@@ too. Your whole clan is straight garbage you got embarrassed on Friday night fights LMAO

Lol I don't know why you tell people go to your website to challenge you when their tons of clans doing so and you respond to none of them. Beyond Destruction is still waiting to whoop that a$$ You scared?

No not scared that would be for the NA division to arrange. Im not NA,