RED SAND: a Mass Effect fan film - TRAILER - starring MARK MEER



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Hmm... looks like it could detail the discovery of the Prothean Archives on Mars, which I'm not sure if Grissom was apart of... though I could be wrong I guess.


... and I thought I saw a robed humanoid using biotics... if so, well... I'm interested in the final version. Very interested.

Not sure where you dug that up voteDC, but thanks for the video, Mars was one of my favourite missions in the series, but it would've been nice if Mars had multiple landing zones, such as the Krogan and Quarian homeworlds did, would've loved to have visited Cydonia in the Northern Plains...:-)

cool video :)

Hope it's got a good ending. :p

I'm just gonna go ahead and admit I have no clue what's up w/ this vid...