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Hi, my sons and I have been enjoying playing Marvel Superheroes on the Xbox One since Christmas. My sons are four and six and really enjoy the free roaming aspect and playing the Mini Games and side missions in New York.

However, as their experience has grown they have started playing the Main Game Missions. Together we have completed up to Re-suited, Rebooted. Unfortunately, my youngest subsequently over-wrote our save location. We have since played through back to the same point but try as we might, we cannot get as far as getting to the Ghost of Deadpool to take to the next mission Red, Dead Redemption. On completion of Resuited and Rebooted in both Free Play and the basic mission, we are presented with a single prompt to 'Continue Story'. We return to NYC and we have Hawkeye and Nighthawk (?) but can't get to the part of the entrance to the mission. On our first play through, I recall getting to a point where Nighthawk uses her invisibility in a hut near the bridge but this is a red herring and we were directed elsewhere... but now, that just never happens. 

The consequence of this is obviously that we cannot progress and collect the characters and vehicles resulting not only in fed up children but a fed up Dad that can't find a solution. Any help gratefully received.


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