Red Dead Redemption Wild West Roleplay

First off WE ARE NOT A CLAN We are a serious role playing group are you bored of fighting the same people same clans every night and tired of all The rubbish and drama sick of modders hackers cheats and glitchers, don't want to listen to the trash talkers anymore , then give us us try . By roleplay we mean you create a character a farmer an assassin a criminal or marshal and then you can you can live that life. We play in hardcore private free roam, you must be: At least 15 years old Speak good English Have a mic You don't need to be from the uk we recuit from all over If you are interested then contact XxSilentDovexXX founder Bullet2DaHead X co-founder Or one of our admins Valkain Draco Equas IINCREDIBL3 HULK Thank you

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i dont get it ,  is this almost like second life ?

Yeh kind of but on red dead redemption we started it to get away from all the drama on red dead and do something a bit different

I'd love to, i love role play on many games, as long as it isn't 35 little 11 year old's running about killing each other, anyhow, i would join, but unfortunately, my mic, and my red dead or both a bit, broken.

Sorry friend, I'll try and find some more people on my friends list that would like to, I'll send a reply if i do. :)

Thanx    I Appreciate that:)