Red Dead Redemption Online Connection Issue

So I'm having trouble connecting with my friends on RDR MP Online. I can log on to a session by myself but if I try to join my friends, it doesn't work and just say's there are connection issues though they have no problem joining my session. If I keep trying too much it eventually freezes up my Xbox and I have to restart it. This doesn't happen in any other game. There are no problems with my net connection or my friends. I believe I've downloaded the update for that game as well. Any suggestions?


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first I will assume you are using a wireless router. first clear your system cache. go to system settings, memory, select one and hit Y for device options then clear cache. after that if problems still occurs you will have to reset your wireless router modem,computer and Xbox. just unplug them all and start with modem plug it back in then plug in the wireless router your computer then Xbox. this will reset each of them. this will solve general connection issues. if it still happens either your friends need to do same thing or you have more serious problems and need to contact more qualified computer repair personnel.

good luck.

Make sure your NAT is set to Open and not showing as Strict/Moderate. If that happens set your Xbox 360 up with a static IP Address then add that address to the DMZ Host entry in your router.

I got the same issue

this is from RDR forums

If on 360, clear the cache and remove any patch files from the Save Game folder.  Then boot the game while connected to the Internet and re-download the patch.

I´ve been running into the same problem yesterday. The solution was to port forwarding. Log into your router and open : •Port 88 (UDP), •Port 3074 (UDP and TCP), •Port 53 (UDP and TCP), •Port 80 (TCP).

Yes this is usually the problem... NAT & DMZ

For the best experience you need an open NAT configuration.

To solve NAT problem,

Find the MAC Address of your xbox; I got this (via the router's web interface)

by looking under Diagnostics ARP. MAC addresses are listed under 'HW Address'.

Copy that and go to Advanced Settings LAN, and add a static IP lease

by clicking 'Add Entries', and enter the xbox's MAC address and

an IP address to assign to the xbox.

Then go to the Advanced Settings NAT - DMZ Host section, and add in the IP address

you assigned as static for your xbox, and click Save/Apply.

Done, Fixed.

Hay thank you for the advice. It worked like a charm.

I have a problem with my game now that basically after i hit multiplayer and choose a free roam it goes to loading screen then i get a black screen that backs me out onto dashboard, how can i fix this? I know its not my disc because my disc is in really good condition

i got the same problem! tried everyting but nothing seems to work :(

i try to lad mp and then i get back to the dashboard without any message or something like that :(