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I have a queastion for those of you that play Red Dead Redemption multiplayer. Hold your own in Armadillo to be exact. I consider myself to be slightly better then the average player, but not anywhere near the top players.  The other day I played against a particular user who who 3 minutes into the game had 29 kills with 27 headshots and 3 deaths. We played the game a second time and he started the same way.  Is anybody really that good or do you believe he was being helped by a mod of some sort. To me it is not human to get 29 kills with 27 headshots in just over 3 minutes. What do you think.


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Probably some loser booster.

It does seem possible. I don't play Red Dead multiplayer much, but have not seen anyone modding in there. He was probably using the auto aim assist. Just use the left trigger that targets the chest of an enemy. Bump the left stick up a bit to get a head shot.

Were they using casual? Seems people playing casual get alot of head shots. Slackers!!

That person.. yea that was me ;)


Im just that good.

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That person.. yea that was me ;)


Im just that good.


You are awesome, FT, nice job in Red Dead!