Red dead redemption Live Multi-player help

How can I get a scoped weapon? I keep getting my *** handed to me from looong ways away. And a more powerful pistol. Please help!


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@jokul i understand you, Really RDR is a good game this is true, but i think that rockstar are required to give us a product that will not damage our console and actually does not happen.

my intention is that rockstar know we are fed up with their political support,and if you only care about winning money at the end did not win anything, people are not stupid and we are seeing the only company in which their games fail systematically.

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sincerely recommend not buying rockstar games


I do appreciate what your trying to achieve, belive me I've had my moments when I thought the same, but Rockstar... I don't think your going to have a lot of people supporting you.

Rockstar have definetly let us down with the technical support for RDR mulitplayer but in all fairness RDR is such a good game in terms of story, gameplay activities that I can overlook it (Personal opinion).
Plus are you seriously telling me that you won't be buying the new GTA V when it is released because its Rockstar, or the new Red Dead Redemption when its released?
I'm not trying to flame you in anyway so please don't take any offence.

RDR is totally corrupted now, thanks rockstar incompetent for not being able to repair your sotfware. Unfortunately happens in all rockstar games,this is because they only care about selling games,with money in your pocket  the technical support they give is pure garbage. sincerely recommend not buying rockstar games

You could unlock your scoped gun ( Rolling block rifle) at around level 20

people might be killing you from far away because they are glitching, cheating, etc. Try a friendly free roam maybe.

You can find these weapons at the gang hideouts in free roam.

Gaptooth Breach: Dynamite

Tumbleweed: Bolt Action Rifle

Twin Rocks: Mauser Pistol

Fort Mercer:LeMat Revolver

Pikes Basin: Evans Repeater

Tesoro Azul: High Powered Pistol

Nosalida: Carcano Rifle (Sniper Rifle)

Venters Place, Chritchley's Ranch, Warthington Ranch, Crooked Toes, Rancho Polvo, Cueva Seca Or The Scratching Post:

The Explosive Rifle

Good Luck