Red Dead Horse Races!

Hi Guys

Is it me or does nobody race on the Gran Prix lobbies anymore??!!


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How do you get to the Horse race lobby?

its in one of the DLC's called Liars and Cheats. Its at the bottom of the multiplayer game modes list.

If you are lucky you will be able to find a game, but not many people play it sadly. The world of gaming is all about shooting people these days and no more classic race games.

the problem is the allowance of the weapons, i have tried a few times playing but it is rather frustrating when u have the lead for ages and then someone just shoots u. This needs to be taken out to allow the fun factor of an actual race and maybe good old rockstar could try make a few hurdles along the route, also chariot or stage coach racing would of been a load of fun too

it depends at which time you want to race. I live in Germany and mostly I just find race partners at night - when US players are online.

The problem is: if you start a race with just one person it's very frustrating, so many gamers quit during a race (when they're losing :/) so you get no XP for the race. This is so childish, because you get so much XP just for taking place at a race, doesn't matter if you lose or win. (1000-2000 XP, I'm not sure.)

I think shooting during the race is just annoying if someone does it ALL the time.

Add or send message to me if anybody wants to play some grand prix, prob wont be as good as most at this but wont give up and would be up for a good few races. tk care all maybe see ya's on RDR soon

Horse racing is a blast. I have to admit I do not get over to that area much.

i dont does anybody no how too get them cuzz i love horses