Red Dawn Wolfpack (RDWp) looking for gamers.

The RDWp has been around since 2007, which we been made up of a bunch of friends and co-workers.  In 2005 I had a team (Fatal Chaos) of four built up for Halo 2 MLG in New Jersey and about 2 months prior to the event,  two of the members had backed out and we could never fill the spots. The Team has split and the members who left us developed a group called VTW and they Quote "RDWp is the more serious team".  We do like to win but friendship is great and gaming with serious gamers is awesome (calling out, spotting, Lonewolfing is ok, but that goes againt Red Dawn "WOLFPACK"). Now we are trying to get new people to play a few different games (Halo, Call of duty, Gears, Battlefield, Forza) there are a few others and play random games from time to time. If you are interested in joining or just gaming in General, shoot me a message.



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