Recruiting: Team Inside Joke

In every game, there comes a time where the curtain opens and the real players step onto the stage. Today is that day.
Today, The Inside Joke is offering something great to anyone willing to stand up and take part.
We're here. We've been here. We will remain long after others are gone.


Intelligent? Do you like to communicate? Sick of being the only literate person in your clan? Well, we're here for you.
Our community revolves around members that are emotionally mature. If you're sick of gaming with children, read on.
If you're one of those who'd rather sit around and whine, leave. The choice is yours.


We have a small but dedicated core team and a seemingly endless revolving door of inactive users.
This is our only problem and we're looking to solve the issue.
Currently, we have enough room for you and enough of your friends to make a 4-man squad of your own.

We do, however, have some advantages other clans don't. First, we offer a community of interested people and an extended network of allied clans. Another thing other clans don't have that we do: obsessively dedicated staff.
We have an actual website ( No freewebs here.

What does this mean for you?
A personal email address, a place to post your art without bandwidth restriction, and the knowledge that someone's always a click away. 
Beyond that, we have swag that we will eventually be gifting.

Also, we support several games on several platforms, including PC.
If you've found a game and you're looking for other people to play, we have many people willing to jump in.

We are looking for people willing to communicate and behave in a mature manner.
We firmly believe that the more you give, the more you get. This can go for either joy or misery. 

In regards to our PC games, we use Dolby Axon for our voice communications.  A microphone isn't required, but it's preferred. 

We only accept legitimate players.  18+ is preferred, though exceptions can be made.

If you're interested in joining, send a message to Sin Schism in game or send an email to *** Email address is removed for privacy ***



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We have members in the following 360 games:



Modern Warfare 2


Halo: Reach

Orange Box



Blacklight: Tango Down


Castle Crashers

Kingdom of Keflings


Doritos Crash Course

Game Room

...and many more.


If you're interested in our games on other consoles or on PC, feel free to ask.

Oh, also we have BadCompany 2.