[Recruiting] Squad Members

Hello i am looking to find Three people to become part of my squad in the upcoming release of 'Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City'.

The Requirements to be in my squad are as follows:
  • Xbox360 Copy of the game
  • Working Xbox360 compatible Headset
  • Must be able to speak english
  • A Good Team Player
  • Able to communicate well
  • Preferably UK based players for connection reasons

NOTE : Although i want to work closely as a team, i would also like to explore raccoon city and see just how much the developers have put into this game, as well as having a little fun at some point :)

Whilst a part of my squad (yet to be named) we will all work cooperatively to complete our mission (and gain any achievements along the way) / reach our goal.
We will have fun so don't worry, i am just excited at the prospect of working within an elite team unit in Raccoon City.

Please feel free to suggest team names :)

If you feel you have what it takes to be a part of this squad please reply and/or PM me and i will contact you back asap :)

I have been waiting many years for such an opportunity as this to play Resident Evil back on the streets of Raccoon City :D :D :D

I will be checking this thread regularly, but please if you can save me some time, send me a message and a friend request :) 


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these forums are still abit slow my friend. Give is some time and/or head on over to the Capcom forums.

Yeah things seem alittle slowandthe bad press the game is gettingis not helping.

I'llplay with you,but I am in the states; I play Syndicate with a buddy from Iraland. He plans on getting RE on the 23 (believe thats the day he says it is released there), I'll tell him to stop by here.

Ah thank you for the replies guys :)

I apologize for the previous bump, as i'm very eager for this game, and i don't care for media pros and cons, i love resident evil and have been waiting 10+ years for a decent game back in raccoon city, so i have nothing to lose lol.


Please add me as soon as you like :)

I'd be willing to play with ya. I won't have the game until the day after release. Also I will be juggling between this game and Naruto Generations. None the less I will be playing alot of this game. About your requirements, I'm in the US.but I'm a good team player and I also would like to explore @@@ much as possible. So if you would like me to play with you, just send invite.

I'll join you as well.

Send me an invite or FR for any ORC fun! This game will be epic with other players. I've only done the campaign solo so far, but I've enjoyed it!

hey, havent even taken the wrapping of the game yet, but would def be keen to join a crew, add me