[Recruiting] Heavenz Rejects International - (Age: 15+)

Heavenz Rejects International is a fairly new gaming community. Always Recruiting! We are currently in a couple of games, on PC and Xbox 360. We are looking for mature and active members.

We are also here to help you, whether it is with game support, website support, and maybe even sometimes personal support. So if you got a question and need some help, just ask.

TeamSpeak 3: We use TeamSpeak 3 and our server information will be provided on the website. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Zeh Pickle is the leader over our Battlefield Play4Free Division.


Code of Conduct: As a member of HRI, you must abide to the following:

1: No cheating or hacking what so ever.

2: When you are a part of HRI, you cannot be a part of any other gaming community/clan.

3: No Discrimination. This includes racism, sexism, and age discrimination.

4: No Disrespect. This includes aggressive **** and trash talking. Show respect to all other gamers. This includes members of other teams and communities.

5: All members must be active within their respected Game Division they join. If you’re going to be away for some time, you inform an Officer of why and approximately how long; your absence will be acceptable.

6: Do not discuss the illegal use of drugs or alcohol with any member.

7. No Drama. We have a Zero-Tolerance policy with drama and immaturity.

8: All members of HRI must be registered on the website.

9: HRI remains neutral with all other gaming communities/clans/guilds.


Any member in violation of one or more of the rules and regulations may be subject to the following disciplinary actions:

• Probation – a warning with no substantive changes to your posting abilities. You will most likely get a Private Message from the moderator or administrator that put you on Probation detailing why (so that you know what not to do next time).

• Suspension - These place temporary limitations to a forum members abilities and last anywhere from 3 days to a month in length.

• Ban - A ban is permanent. Bans normally go to members who violate one or more of the community Regulations, Honor Code, or Forum Rules. Ranking Structure:


We have a military styled ranking structure, which follows as such: Recruit Private Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant 2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Captain Major Lt Colonel Colonel General


Poaching: Poaching will not be tolerated. Poaching is a form of "stealing" or "recruiting" a member to join their clan. If a member of the website is found poaching, he/she will be subject to a permanent ban of the website and put on the black list.

Company/Division Transfers: A member wishing to transfer from one branch/Division to another must give a good reason to do so and do so the appropriate way. To successfully transfer from one branch/Division to another, it must be disclosed to both Captains and be approved by both of the overseeing Majors. Departure and

Returning: Members that leave may return to Heavenz Rejects International. But if a member does decide to leave and later wishes to return, it must be more than 30 days since their departure and must return into the branch that they left. If in the case, the branch you left has dismantled, you must then seek approval by the Colonel overseeing the Division your branch was in. If you do leave and would like to re-enter, depending on your situation you may be able to return. Your situation will be reviewed by your Captain (unless in the case above) before you are re-enlisted into the rank structure.

• A member that left must return as a Corporal.

Signatures: Signatures are of course allowed and we would love to have an expert signature designer/maker.


So if you are interested in joining HRI, please check out our website at http://www.heavenzrejectsinternational.com.


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