Recruiting For Grand Theft Auto Clan

Hello, I am the founder and Leader of the current GTA IV clan the "Mother Truckers" our clan has been out for months (perhaps you've heard of us).. we are currently recruiting due to lack of members.. we do everything, races, freemode, private games, etc.  If you are intrested in joining. please answer the following questions with a post....... Whats your gamertag?........Age?(Optional)...........Amount of GTA IV experience?.......... And I will message you as soon as I can... however if your still unsure about joining please add me on xbox.. my gamertag is : fatcat owner... message me and i will answer any of your questions reguarding the clan


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Maybe if you create a website, you will get more members. And perhaps you merge clans. Clans have been splitting up for many years since new games come out, and people don't follow the rules.

Great thoughts, we have considered making a site.. and will probably do so soon. We also have had the thought of merging, but at the rate our members are increasing, i don't think it will be nessesary. We do not have many rules, which makes it tough for them to be broken :). But if a member is caught betraying the clan or being disrepectful, proper action is taken. Thank you :)

Good Luck!

I would love to join. I'm not a super new player, but I'm experienced with it.

GT: xTsarProdigyX

I'm good for anything, really. I only have GTA: IV EfLC, but I don't think having other games would matter much.

I'm free to play weekdays for a few hours, and all day on Sundays.

can i join?