Recruiting for FrizGaming

/We do trickshots, killfeeds, quickscope, GameBattles, you name it. I'm currently working on a forum so it will be easier to communicate with one another.

If you record (With an HD PVR, Dazzle), or edit videos, or do GFX we could definitely use you. And if there are any MLG Veterans out there, we're ready to pick you up, I'm going to make our GB Team as soon as I find some vet's.

You do have to change your gamertag, but in the grand scheme of things it will make us look a whole lot more professional. So if your looking for a clan, we're here and we are ready for you to join us.

My GT: Endorser

Send me a message over Xbox Live, reply here to the forum, or send in your application to our forums


The forum is definitely not finished yet, but I have school and such and I'm working on it every night.

Also, if you have videos of any killfeeds, montages, etc. [Doesn't have to be with a sniper] then send them to my youtube channel.


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