DHG: is now recruiting for are DEMONIC squad we are one of largest gaming communities on xbox with over 30k members we are very well Organized gaming community with great family valuels DHG follows a Ranking structure and Code of Conduct We are not skill based all are welcome to join are family I have been in DHG for quite sometime now and to be honest with you all it was one of the best Decisions I have every made I always have someone to game with or play in tournament with. My history in DHG hasn't alway's been the greatest but I have worked hard and now I run my own Squad known as DEMONIC. Here is how DHG is broken down each Division has five Squads for example my Division is ARMAGEDDON my Squad is DEMONIC we are based out of blackops2 We also have other divisons for halo bf3 and many other games Ranking up in DHG is up to you If you feel like just gaming we only ask that you show up too two practices a week this will show you being active Rember you only need to make two practices out of week. We all have lives haha No tryouts or name changes required to join All Recruits Interested in Joining DHG DEMONIC you must be sixteen or older Have working mic copy of black ops 2 willing to be respectful and to have fun Save Drama for clans :) You can message my gamertag anytime DHG IxHITMANxI Know need to worrie we also have other gaming community known as DHJ for recruits age 9-15 for younger gamers Thank you all for taking the time to read this Hope to game with you all soon

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