Recruiting for CoD BO2 / Ghosts EU/US X360

Evolved Nation is currently looking for members who play CoD Black Ops 2, CoD Ghosts. We have 40+ active members. We are open to ages 13+, however our clans can set different ages. We have offerings for both community and competitive minded people. If you want to Join Click HERE and apply to join! You can visit our website and read our Creed's and our Rank Structure, and anything else that you might want to know. Check out 

Our Rank Structure is as follows:

Recruit, Private, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain.

- Captains run a squad of up too 10 members within our community, we find that smaller squads make more of a family aspect, and is a lot easier to maintain.

Enforcer = Runs a Clan of up to 20-30 members, that's 2-3 Squads. 

Our three top Ranks are: Section Overseer, Regiment Leader, and the Evolved Council.

Below are the Divisions that our community offers. 

Underground Division Explanation:
The Underground Division is home to the trash talkers of Evolved Nation. This Division has it's own unique Creed(Rules) that allow the members to do and say as they please in front of its own members, and can trash talk, use racial slurs / swears to non members. However they cannot abuse members of EN, nor trash talk them ect.

Respectful Division Explanation:
The Respectful Division is home to the respectful members of Evolved Nation. All members must be respectful to all members of EN, and too all non members. If a Respectful member is playing with a Underground member, they must understand that the Underground members can still say what ever they want in front of them. However Respectful member can not join in and trash talk to "fit in". They must still abide by the Respectful Division's Creed at all times.

Competitive Division Explanation:
The Competitive Division is home to all the competitive teams for each EN Clan & independent teams. All competitive team members must follow the Respectful Division's Creed at all times when in a Clan Battle, Skirmish, EN Clan vs EN Clan. This does not apply to random xbox live games. Example: CoD BO2 League Play.

I really hope to see you all there and look forward to getting to know you more. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reply to this thread.

If we don't currently offer the game you play, we're always open to adding another. Contact me if interested.


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