recovered gamertag, lost achievements

hey guys..

I've been playing offline for the last few weeks due to moving house and not having a net connection.

My 360 hard drive failed and lost my gamertag. I was able to recover a few savegames including halo but that's about it..

Today, i went to a friends place and re-downloaded my gamertag which took my halo achivements back about 3 weeks.

Not sure what to do now as i've got all the skulls, but the achivement hasnt unlocked. I tried to search around for a skull but because they're all unlocked - they've disappeared from the levels.

Any ideas or advice? Or does this mean I have to delete my halo savegame and start from scratch :(

edit: i should add that i got a few achievements for Limbo while i was offline. as soon as i loaded the game, the achivements i got a week back unlocked automatically. why won't halo do the same!!?


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From what it sounds like you'll need to delete the saved game from your hard drive and start again. your Xbox LIVE profile never got the chance to sync your achievements, and after losing the information it downloaded the Gamertag from it's last known state.

So you're kind of stuck in a circle where there are no achievements popping, but at the same time your game save already recognizes you've collected all the skulls. Best bet is to try it again. Luckily you know where everything is already.

The achievements didn't sync with the xbl servers so when you recovered your gamertag it recovered the profile you were last using online.

yeah i understand that..

what im asking is - if i've got all the skulls in hao, how am i supposed to get the achievement now? it seems that my only option is to start from scratch which is pretty poor.

Yep that is your only option sorry.

Sorry man, sounds like you will have to redo them all. Speaking from experience I know how frustrating that can be. I had to send in my HDD and it was replaced, but all my game saves were lost. I had to start over from scratch with my Borderlands characters, and a few other games that have "get so many of this" acheevos. I now have a flash drive that I back my game saves up just incase something like this happens again. Not really the games fault, but still gets annoying.

alright.. so i decided to delete my save game. i went into system settings, storage devices and deleted my halo savegame.

i start the game and all my progress is still there. went back into system settings - the save game has returned.

can anyone advise on how to get rid of it? i've tried deleting cache too

Looks like the data is stored in your gamer profile  have you tried posting in the halo forums?

I have a similar problem. I didn't get the achievement for collecting half the skulls. I deleted cache and save game data and like you found my saved progress was still there. So i cannot get the achievement as the skulls show up no more after they have been collected.  I have no idea how to rectify this.