Recording Goals--Ragequitters

Is there any way to recover goals if someone rage quits? Without a video recorder?


Just curious, because I had an amazing goal yesterday. Bicycle kick from an angle that bounced, crossbarred, and had curve so it bounced out and back into the goal in the 105'. The guy rage quit at the end of the game.


Hopefully they'll improve this in Fifa sucks when you lose those goals. Anyone had similar moments?


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Oh you have no idea. Rage quitting is arguably the only thing I hate about playing Fifa online. I love Fifa 11, but my copy got stolen so i am trying to get a new one. There was this game online where I was down by 2:0 and I scored a hat-trick of freekicks and I went up by 6:2 and my opponent just quit the match, I was sooo pissed. just curious how good are you at fifa 11?

Eh, I'd say semi-good. Not at the level of the people who have some of those amazing kicks from distance on youtube, but I've had some flashes of brilliance here or there. I'm trying to teach myself to use the juke moves/bridging moves when I can right now. I've played alot on Ps3 with my friends, just started on 360 at the beginning of summer, I think my records around 30-20. That and looking at formations, stuff like that, just kinda looking at some of the major details of the game.

I'm hoping that they fix that in Fifa 12. Or at least allow for the game to be there in theater mode. It's at the point where if I happen to score a really great goal I almost want to lose the game so I can save it.