I'm still pretty new to Battlefield and I haven't really used much except the Recon class cause I've always played solo. After finally getting a little grasp of the game, I'm actually really enjoying playing the Recon role. I mark whatever I can, help destroy vehicles if possible, and snipe people in the head.


Since I'm still pretty inexperienced I was just wondering what you guys think of the class in general. If anyone wants to offer any advice, whether it be on gear or tips, that would be pretty cool too. I think I'm using the M24 sniper, WWII pistol, motion sensor, C4, and the specialty that makes you move quicker.


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A good Bush Wookie= C4 with the 870 shotgun and taking the flag....

for me,no matter what maps ive played nothing beats assault on Arica harbor.Iove that ***,specialy with smoke!pisses them wookies right off.I had a good game on panama last as engineer with mines too.I'm enjoying all the old maps again cos i had a big break when i got "Nam" then played the disapointment that is homefront for a while.

saiga for arry class.

lol I used the assault class last night and rushed the objective with it and it was pretty fun. I just can't wait to gain more map knowledge.

As far as mortars and C4, I like to use the mortars mainly to attack buildings, especially ones with the bomb thingy inside of them. Playing defense last against some recon guys made me realize those mortars can be pretty devastating against an objective. Not to mention picking us off with sniper fire...


Of course you use the Recon Class.

Be a Medic or an Assault class and play Rush or Conquest.

And give me health or ammo when I need it.

If your gonna be recon.  Be near the  action.  Use your motion sensors on the flagpoles and rush crates and choke points . Use c4 on the crates or buildings and cave it in or use the mortar strike on the crate or buildings to cave it in fast.  You can also have c4 on the assault class if you pick any weapon that don't have the grenade launcher below it.  Or just be a medic like I did many many hours. 50 points a defib.  But make sure you kill the guy that killed the guys that are down before ya defib them.  Also engineer is fun repairing vehicles and using tracer dart gun on vehicles and enemies.  Mines are fun to drop and forget.  

Recon is a good class if people would learn how to use it. I HATE those kids who think they are doing something special for the team by sitting 500 yards away from the action. I love playing with recon players who actually use their c4 to destroy tanks and what not and help demolish targeted houses with their mortar stikes and spot enemies with the motion sensor. This game plays so much better when people work as a team, the way it was intended.

love recon  class for attacks, sensors balls. M1, 45. and mortars to cover my tracks. It works well if you move WITH your squad, switch classes as need of course based on enemy assets. I.E  tanks, choppers ect. good hunting :)

recon take flags and advance the battle. Wookies watch everything from 200+meters away thru a 12x scope.

I have no problem with wookies,i was playing earlier and me and this wookie were taking flags together,i was protecting him against close range enemies and he was taking dudes out further away and spotting for me.It surprisingly worked quite well,we  had a medic with us too.they don't bother me too much as enemies either as i've been using smoke recently which really messes with them,unless they've spotted you already.

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