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So far im impressed with the GR community. Im really (let me stress really) burnt out on COD and BF run n gun trash talking preteens. Im hoping you guys stay cool. People are ruining online competitive multiplayer. I also hope this game isn't riddled with exploitable glitches and hackers...guess I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

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Right there with ya on these comments!

I agree completely. Those games absolutely killed my enjoyment of playing games online. Heres hoping this game is a breath of fresh air!

I don't think the Clancy games appeal to the casual folk as much. The only one to ever truly dominate the market was R6 Vegas 1. Look at how small the Vegas 2  community was in comparison (Vegas 2 came along after the CoD4 revolution). I also notice ubi hasn't started any serious marketing blitz or anything yet. Perhaps they've realized it's more of a niche market.

COD fanboys won't like this game because your K/D ration does not mean anything. Team work gets you a lot farther towards winning this game then does being a lone wolf.

i feel ya bro.

they migrated a bit to BF3 but they didn't stay long in my observation.

im hoping this is the case with ghost recon

Right on. Can't agree more!

[quote user="DJQ45"]

i feel ya bro.

they migrated a bit to BF3 but they didn't stay long in my observation.

im hoping this is the case with ghost recon


That has been my experience with most people that play COD the most and try another military shooter. Most of the time they play for a bit and go back. It happened with Vegas/GRAW 1 and 2. In those days it was mostly Halo fans, but the complaints were mostly the same. Too slow and not enough flashy bits to the MP.

Ok, so from what I have played so far the classes seem to balance out and run and gun is not an option. If you run through the open someone WILL pop up and shoot your a**.(and you die fast in this game) The maps are very well designed and the objectives are placed in good defensible areas so as to make for intense firefights. Snipers are not a problem either. The two maps in the beta don't have any sight lines long enough for true sniping.

Overall I feel like I am playing a Ghost Recon game.  Still getting used to 3rd person again but a few things I am on the fence about, not saying I dislike nor like (yet).

1-The Run to Cover- Seems unlike what I am used to in a GR game.


2-I know gaining XP is what's popular these days but a part of me really did not want to see XP in this game, I will adapt though.

So far I am not disappointed as I was a bit worried Ubi and Co would *** this game up.  One thing I noticed is I had a calm few games and did not once get that COD/BF high blood pressure, LOL!

I'm actually enjoying this game. I find it funny though that a team will try to spawn camp the other team thinking that kills=wins.