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Made it much more difficult in BF3, IMO. Bullet drop has changed from BFBC2. Has anyone noticed this? Hopefully, I can get an upgraded sight soon.


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glad to hear it, stop camping.  

I don't. Stop being such a smarta$$.

Try rocketsniping!  On the CQ map with the tunnel and rockpile - Not sure of the name - I climbed up on top of the conveyors and blasted a sniper that had set up shop at the back of our spawn.  very satisfying

It might be my choice of beverages, but I swore the bullet drop was more drastic on launch night than it was last night.  Last night, it was the same as it was in the beta, and I had a lot more success using sniper rifles.  It seemed to me like my HD content pack also wasn't kicking in on launch night, cuz graphics were a ton better on night 2, which could affect what I think I'm shooting at.

Good the bushwookies plagued bad company 2, I just wish they made it so you could only have once recon per squad.

Bushwookies.  LOL. Nice.