Recomendation for XBLA??

Looking for a fun Zelda type game on XBLA. Anybody have any suggestions???


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It's not XBLA, but Darksiders which is available on Demand played a lot like Zelda.  It even has the Boomerang weapon that you can target muliple targets with before throwing it.  It has a Hook shot type tool as well as others.  It also has a Demo if you like to try it first!

Darksiders is an EXCELLENT suggestion. You would love it. As far as arcade ones this is tricky. Uhh, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet sorta reminded me of a zelda LIKE puzzeler. In the essence that you aquire something, back track, and explore. Try the demo, because it's not really an action game. And possibly, Beyond Good and Evil? I have the game, but havn't played it yet bc of the invert thing so I'm holding out. I hear good things of it, with a mix of action and stealth. But perhaps someone else can fill you in if that would be a proper suggestion.

There is an indie game, I think it is called cuthulu saves the world, and it is very similar.