recollecting arrows

i thought i read somewere they were going to improve the collecting of arrows from dead people etc im mean im only getting 2-3 out of like 8


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I think it might have to do with what your current level is.  At first I wasn't getting any arrows back.  Then as my Archery level increased I started to collect 1 or 2 here and there.  Now I can recover anywhere from 2 to 3 arrows off the dead.


I also read in another thread that as your looting level raises you start to get more loot out of things such as chects and barrels.  Maybe arrows work the same way.

It all depends on your Archery skill.


Take a look at the Archery tree ... If your skill is at least 50, you can learn a perk called Hunter's Discipline (Recover twice as many arrows from dead bodies). 


So ... keep shooting those arrows - even in close combat!

ahh im half way there lol

I have only used archery really up til lvl 11 and my archery is almost 50.  just keep at it! :)