Received Halo 5 early, can I play it?

Hey guys, so I live in the UK and the retailer Shopto decided to send me my copy of Halo 5 about 4 days earlier. (release date is Tuesday and I got the game on the Saturday before)

I've installed the game, along with its 9 GB update and essentially my question is:

Can I play the campaign of the game on my account while being signed in on Xbox Live without the threat of being banned by Microsoft?

Essentially I'm worried they'll give me a temporary ban for playing the game early, even though its not my fault the retailer decided to send the game a lot earlier than usual. I'm only interested in playing the Campaign right now, not the multiplayer.

Do you guys think this will be alright? Or should I just wait to Tuesday? Any advice, particularly from anyone who's had this situation before, or someone from Microsoft,  would be much appreciated :-)


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Thanks for the info Winkeladvokat and heads up Staarlord ill shell do just that. will have a game on the halo multiplayer when it goes live for now ill set it to offline mode for now.

In my eyes, it's not your fault if the retailer gets it to you early. Of course people are going to use their owned products, once they get it. That being said, that still doesn't insure a ban is not possible. I would set your Xbox to My Home Xbox, in settings, and go into Network and set network as Offline, just to protect your own a** because who knows why corporations decide what they do. I have heard of players getting banned playing before street date, I'm pretty positive. I seem to vaguely recall this with those who received Destiny way earlier than release.

Hi ChaOs Carl,

simply set your console to offline mode. This enables you to play the SP part of "Halo". Which, by the way, took a turn for the (way!) better with levels 8 and upward...

Same here. I have installed it but when I try to play it says Xbox live can't verify dlc. I got the game in the post from simply games on Saturday morning.

Just had another go at "Halo" and by now it not only works with an online connection active, but there's also been added a message to early starters. :-) And having reached level 7 by now, things are starting to look up for the game. A bit, that is....

@Winkeladvokat Haha thanks for the info, thats cheeky from Epic in GOW3. Hmm thats not good :S Halo 5 has to be good for 343 really and if its bad, especially after the average Halo 4 and the mess that was MCC... then thats not great.

@surfluds Yeah dude thats the message that I get now when I got onto the main menu. Maybe I should give the offline mode a go (Y)

Cheers for the info guys, much appreciated.

It's not "blocking" per se. The Day 1 Patch just doesn't seem to be recognized as legitimate. Setting your console to offline mode will take care of that. Curiously, my wife didn't get that error message when logging in and starting "Halo" (She's the Xbox Live Gold member in our family). But aside from being able to theoretically access certain MP options, she could only use SP mode as well.

I have the same. I have installed it but when I try to play it says Xbox live can't verify dlc. Are they blocking the game?

Never had any problems at all with "breaking" a street date - and to the best of my knowledge this is not something that's covered in any usage agreement at all. (It's another thing for the retailer, of course) I've been playing "Halo 5" since yesterday and my only problem with it is that, sadly, it sucks big time. Btw - "Gears of War 3" explicitly displayed a congratulatory message for those playing it early ;-)