Reboots that gamers want for XBOX ONE only 5 requests.

I have asked tons of gamers,if they could have one game to be rebooted for the XBOX ONE,what would they choose?


2.Crimson Skies

3. Rival Schools

4.Yu Gi Oh! 5D's but this time have all the cards

5.And not a reboot,but a full platform game to compete with Ratchet and Clank.Of course all of these games would be exclusive,hopefully Mechassault,and Crimson Skies would use the Azure Cloud Compute for maximum level destruction.


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reboot = remake? in that case would be great to see

1. Dead Space

2. Lost Planet 1 (one of the best games for the 360])

3. Another Perfect Dark

4. Command and Conquer kane's wrath

5. Bioshock

Starwars KOTOR and KOTOR 2.

1. Knights of the Old Republic 1

2. Knights of the Old Republic 2

3. Jade Empire

I choose MechAssault.

None.  If you want to play those games.... boot up the system they were made for and play them.

I'm tired of all these stupid remakes.  #NoOriginality

Dead space

Star wars kotor 1&2


Pirates of the Caribbean from original xbox

Pretty sure I cannot go boot up MechAssault and Crimson Skies and play those online. So, yeah, there goes that option. Any other suggestions? Or can you just let people want what they want?

There's a difference between rebooting a franchise and remaking a game.

As the first weird example that springs to mind, I'd like a reboot of the Lego Racers games because I enjoyed that concept and I think it could be deepened and explored further, but I wouldn't want the same games remade that were released all that time ago.

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can't think of anything i want to see "rebooted"...just continued. i'd like to see more dead space (ignore ds3), resistance, red faction, star wars the force unleashed, the saboteur...everything else i would like to see more of are still going strong...though i am looking forward to when the next dragon age and elder scrolls are announced, after mass effect and fallout respectively.

Another Resistance game would be great, but unfortunately the series has came to a stunning conclusion, especially since Insomniac Games is no longer owned by Sony (even though they're making another Ratchet & Clank game to be a tie-in for the movie next year).

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