reasons for playing a second time?

Hey guys, so this is a thread for those of you that are going through your second playthrough, or have already played the game twice.

What's different, if anything, the second time around?

Is it worth going through a second time?

Are you doing anything different the second time around that you didn't do the first?

Feel free to respond to any or all of these questions.

I really enjoyed the first playthrough. On the edge of playing a second time through. Never been one to play through the same exact story two times in a row.


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You should start up with me man!

Game play changes depending on the character you pick. The story is the same, the loot is always different (except for certain boss weapon drops). Playing with friends makes it more challenging. Did you play as a Hunter your first game? Snipe from far, use blowing to daze and finish the enemies off with revolvers? Or a Soldier that throws down a turret and guns down enemy hordes? Or Brick whom simply goes Berserk and abandons guns? Personally I prefer a Siren, able to go invisible, travel as super speed. Get in and out of combat in seconds. That primarily is the reason for playing again to see how you can survive with a different character. On top of that you will ALWAYS find better gear and that's worth looking for.

As war4n0th1n9 said, you get to choose a different style when playing. Another important thing to remember is that you will be much more experienced this time around, and can make better decision about your cash, weaponry, and so on. I find that my battles got shorter and my efficiency improved during my second play-through. I also try and challenge myself to stay alive, and I realized that I was more successful the second time around.

the second play though is like a redo with the character you've been playing with it's when you really start to know and understand the game... all the stuff you might have missed or over looked the first time you, or the stuff you spent too much time on the first time you run by faster.

What is it about having finished the game and have gotten all the achievements but you keep playing it... WHY? well more than likely you are doing it for the fun of it the fun of Co-op with friends, the fun of finding weapons and trying them out, if it was not for all the weapon variations the game would just be the same and not as fun.

Second PT has tougher AI, better weapons and more xp to get to your max level.

And cooler names for the enemies.