Reason for not receiving Clan XP/Kills,Confirms ETC...

A lot of people have been asking/complaining that they are not receiving their clan XP or their kills,confirms etc..are not counting. The most common reason for the kills,confirms etc..not counting is because it only counts the top 6 PREMIUM members in said op. This means if you have 6 players playing KC and only 2 of them are premium account holders than only those 2 members will receive credit for that respected op. So now moving on to the XP situation. As a lot of us have been frustrated with the Elite service for one thing or another try and keep in mind that this is a computer program that is made by man, not machine.. therefor there are gonna be some hiccups in the program as far as certain things go. Yes I agree that it has been well over 6 months and most think all this should have been worked out already but the fact of the matter is, its almost impossible to keep errors from happening within an online community all the time. Beachhead also states clearly in their rules/code of conduct that it could take up to 7-10 days for XP/badges to be handed out. So please try and have some faith. 


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Well said.

This is a great thread you have made lots of valuable information for the ones that dont know how the xp and rewards of xp works as a well as the verfication process