Reapers (ME1 spoilers)

Hi, this question is about the ending of the original mass effect but I decided to post here as the ME2 forum seems more active.


I was wondering why the reapers were still considered a threat at the end of ME? Saren used the conduit to get to the citadel and give sovereign the ability to open the citadel relay, but Shepard stopped him. Instead sovereign tried to manually open the relay to dark space, but then the normandy destroyed him.


I assume sovereign was the last reaper not in dark space? With the reapers trapped in dark space unless someone opens that relay, why are they still considered a threat?


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Ah right, I thought dark space could only be accessed via the relay. Thanks!

Because they can still fly back. It would just take them much longer to do so and they would lose the element of surprise. Given that just one Reaper was giving the human fleet an absolute beating (and only won because Sovereign was directly controlling the reanimated Saren at the time he was destroyed), it isn't surprising that they are still considered a threat.