Reaper Tracker / FAQ (Updated 3/31/13)

- I'm managing this thread on the Epic Games Forums, but someone suggested I post it here as well. I'll update this thread when I update my main thread over there.

This thread will be a hub of Reaper info, as well as a place for any current Reapers to post saying they're about to play. It'll be updated often with the best info I can gather from asking the Reaper directly or looking at the community post Epic makes.

For Twitter Updates, follow @Reaper_Tracker

CodySpie has made a website that auto-checks the status of Gamertags. Check it out HERE.

Please Read Before Messaging the Reapers:

Its fine to send messages asking to play with 'some' people...but don't spam.
For example, Raczilla said it's fine to send him a message. And I'm guessing that the generic tags are fine with it as well.

Remember, some of these gamertags are the employees personal tags...not just their work tags. It's annoying getting spammed with FRs and messages asking to play, so please be respectful of that. Everyone can't get in on the same day, so be patient and don't stress.

Let's not make them regret making their Gamertags public knowledge. Remember, their gamertags being here is purely by their choice. If the spam is so bad that they ask to be removed, I'll comply completely.

There are 3 things to remember...

1. The reaper is RARE...most people will never see one

2. Epic employees have a life. They don't just play this game all day inviting people.
They will play other games, not play games (family, go outside, ect), or sometimes just play for fun not using the reaper.

3. They don't owe you a reaper kill, and you don't deserve a reaper kill

To sum it up:

Play for fun, not to hunt the reaper.
-if you find one you're happy, if you don't there's nothing lost
-if you spend all your time hunting the reaper, this game won't be enjoyable (most of the time)

Don't spam messages
-they are normal people, let them live their lives
--if they say you can send messages, send one...but don't spam them with FRs and messages
--spamming will actually decrease you chances of getting a message back

It is Rare
-yes, this thread and twitter will help you find one, and increase your chances
-no, you aren't guaranteed a reaper kill for being here


List of Reapers:
Note: This list is not all inclusive.

Community Reapers:

Gamertag: IxI Zap IxI (Link)
Location: Australia
Twitter: @__Zap_ (Link)
Forum Account: *Zap* (Link)
Gamertag: Nc DarkAp89 (Link)
Location: Italy
Twitter: @DarkAp89 (Link)
Forum Account: DarkAp89 (Link)
Hurricane Cat
Gamertag: Hurricane Cat (Link)
Location: UK
Twitter: @HurricaneCat (Link)
Forum Account: HurricaneCat (Link)
Gamertag: DJ CARNIV AL (Link)
Location: UK
Twitter: @DJ_CARNIV_AL (Link)
Forum Account: DJ CARNIV AL (Link)
Gamertag: paulohmarques (Link)
Location: Brazil
Twitter: @paulo_hmarques (Link)
Forum Account: ?

Epic Employees:
Gamertag: raczilla (Link)
Location: Eastern United States
Twitter: @raczilla (Link)
Forum Account: raczilla (Link)
Gamertag: FL4K (Link)
Location: Eastern United States
Twitter: @iFlak (Link)
Forum Account: Flak (Link)
Gamertag: CherLeigh (Link)
Location: Eastern United States
Twitter: @iCherLeigh (Link)
Forum Account: Cher (Link)
Gamertag: TroyMcClure2002 (Link)
Location: Eastern United States
Twitter: @wesswain (Link)
Forum Account: TroyMcClure (Link)
Gamertag: Rykard (Link)
Location: Eastern United States
Twitter: @RichardCWilt (Link)
Forum Account: rykard (Link)
Gamertag: stlramz (Link)
Location: Eastern United States
Twitter: @RPhelps81 (Link)
Gamertag: Damorith (Link)
Location: Eastern United States
Twitter: @RZElive (Link)
Gamertag: AaronMFJ (Link)
Location: Eastern United States
Twitter: @GuppyMFJ (Link)
Forum Account: AaronJones (Link)
Gamertag: princessPANDAA (Link)
Location: Eastern United States
Twitter @MissPerreh (Link)
Gamertag: Cacophanus (Link)
Location: Central Poland
Twitter: @Cacophanus (Link)

Gamertag: xSALTINEx (Link)
Location: Eastern United States
Twitter: @Saltine1130 (Link)
Epic Redshirt
Gamertag: GearsReaper3 (Link)
Location: Eastern United States (?)
Epic Redshirt
Gamertag: EpicGowJ (Link)
Location: Eastern United States (?)
Epic Redshirt
Gamertag: GearsReaper2 (Link)
Location: Eastern United States (?)
Past Community Reapers:


Reaper Information / FAQ

  • How do I become the Reaper?
- Be an active member of the community! Help out, play nice, and strive to make the community a better place. Epic will hand-pick those they feel are deserving of being the Reaper each week, and THIS thread is open for nominations.
  • How do I get into a match with a Reaper?
- Matchmaking is the standard method. This thread and the @Reaper_Tracker account will be updated and posted in as much as possible to inform you of where they'll be playing and when. If they say they're open to invites for FFA then send them a message, but be careful and don't spam them. Remember, you're not the only one sending messages to them! Additionally, contests and matches will be set up on this forum by employees. Just keep an eye out!
  • I sent one of the Reapers a message and they didn't respond/invite me. Why?
- Please bear in mind that you and everyone else in the world are trying to get into their lobby. It's physically impossible for them to get to everyone who messages them in a day. Have patience and eventually you'll get into a lobby.
  • What do I get for killing a Reaper?
- You'll get a unique Medal and a weapon skin for all starting weapons. Images of those can be found HERE.
  • Does the Reaper have any special abilities besides looking like a complete and total ****?
- You bet he does! BChaps compiled a list, and here's what the Reaper can do differently from normal players:
-possibly more health (some have said this...but it's neither been confirmed nor denied)
-floating - when jumping from higher locations, they float down
-they can control where they float
-they can turn and go in any direction
-it is a very slow float
-they can float from Longshot spawn to the bottom of Breechshot stairs Library. =
-they can't be chainsawed or retro charged
-they have an instigib chainsaw/sythe meelee
-they can slide to cover from very far away
-they can lunge forward... Think thrusterpack in Halo 4, only better,
-they leave an inkish cloud behind them (not sure if it hurts
  • What Game Modes do the Reapers play?
- They can play anything, but will generally always play Quick (due to the Reaper's advantages being unfair in Ranked) and they seem to mostly play TDM and FFA with about a 50/50 split between VIP and Standard.
  • Are the Reapers online now? / When will they be on? / What are their Gamertags? / What regions are they from?
- Look up and read. All of this info is in this OP.
  • All I ever see the Reapers doing is hosting private matches, why?
- Because they can get 9 people into a private FFA lobby as opposed to 4 in a public FFA lobby. If you're sending them messages, them playing in private is a good thing.
  • Can I post my Gamertag in this thread or tweet @Reaper_Tracker and expect an invite?
- No. Myself and Bizkitdoh manage the Tracker, and while some of the Reapers have access, they're not likely to send invites to the people who tweet it. And posting here isn't likely to get you invites either.



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Still won't be easy, but knowing all of this can't hurt your/my chances of killing that thing.

Wait...did they seriously give certain players an advantage over others? I like the idea of having special members in the community and I was down with this idea until I read the fact they have an advantage over others come on now...

lol, it is just while you are the Reaper not forever. this is just a fun bonus and nothing to take seriously

Regardless you should never allow one player to have an advantage over another player by forces that the disadvantaged player cannot control. If you are better than someone that's one thing, you picked up the Boomshot and are good enough to keep control of it that's also another thing. However giving one player boosts with other players having no chance to get those same boosts is not something you should be doing in a competitive MP game. I would hope that these buffs are not as great as they are made out to be.

Hopefully this just goes viral at some point.

Such negativity in this forum

Reaper is fine idea but with most nights your lucky to see 2 online poorly thought out got mine only because came across good Reaper Gamer sent me invite to play

1st this is the gayest thing you guys could have done, seriously going to complain about getting spammed?  well they shouldn't have made that medal this way.  someone went on a power trip and wanted people to beg for help on this reaper crap instead of making it like lambency in gears 3.  2nd not everyone is on twitter and to make an account for this is crap.  I have heard some reaper people outside the states are friendly and understand more than the ones in the states but I don't get why this is done in private and you appear offline.  You should know when you made this the way it was that everyone on the planet was going to be asking for help.  I am just going to wait I guess and be the last person to get this medal perhaps.

didnt know there was a rush to get the weapon skin and medal, what is the real point?

um game comes out, you want everything you can get asap, what is the real point of making a broken piece of crap game when you should have waited to work out bugs?

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