Reaper of Souls (PC) Details

Just found this on Blizzard's site:  Details on what the PC Diablo 3 version will be getting for pre-order for release March 25th!


I'm looking forward to the Crusader, but the Deluxe Digital Edition looks good!


Just hope the Xbox version will be out soon ... keeping fingers crossed!


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Sweet, great post! I hope the new Act V & Malthael – Angel of Death does not disappoint. I would like to see the need for the use of strategy in some of the boss fights.

I wonder what the bounties and Nephalem Rifts are all about; they're really improving the replay value of this title. Again, great post...really has me excited to see what the xbox version will have to offer; I hope they favor Xbox over PS3 regarding add-ons this round to even the score.


Hello "SargonParidius"  :)


I hope so too  :)  I can't wait to use the Mystic Artisan  :)


Have a nice day or afternoon or night  :)