I know this will fall on deaf ears but I am going to vent it anyways.   If we want to keep this game running and flourish I suggest that teams back off the spawn killing once they have established dominance (control all points).  Last night I was in three games where spawn killing went on for a third of the game.  I was on winning side twice so it isn't cause of losing.  It is so pointless to spawn kill and definetly horrific when thems are 12- 8 (another issue).   Why not just hover around closest control point to enemy base or at the very least let them gather themselves before insti kill.  Anyways thats my complaint.


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My philosophy is to always leave the enemy one flag. So even if some one joins the team that's down, it doesn't look hopeless before you even pick a class.

Thats cool.  This  is a very good game and it becomes discouraging when it gets to the point of spawn killing cause one side has all the flags.   I am ok with owning all the flags but I would then let the fight come to me at the closet flag to the base.  It is so pointless to have tanks and helis just swarming the team.  I could even tolerate being sniped at least there is a skill there but sitting in tanks and machine gunning a new spawn is just classless.

I agree. I've left posts at my old clans saying message me if ppl are leaving. Or switch sides. More points to be had with a full server.

Sadly it always has happened and always will do, Playing Valdez the other day and getting shot down from the parachute in our base.. oh the joy !

The memories of shooting attackers out of the sky on Nelson Bay rush. Need to get this game back off my mate.