Really Treyarch...still?

Why is the matchmaking still SO bad when you only have 2 of the 3 map packs?  Seriously, I stopped playing ages ago because of that and just put it back in to see if they fixed it and what a's still busted.  I can still only find 3 games for each playlist and they're all the same ones over and over.  I deleted the map packs and sure enough, I get 50 games and never put back into same one, then i downloaded em again and what do you know...3 games.  Why is it like this?  I know mw3 comes out in 4 days but still...are they doing this intentionally so you buy all maps?  Such BS.


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I dont have any problems finding lobbies for all maps in the game modes I play.

perhaps try changing your search preferences.

If you are set to local only, bump it up to local then any.

If that doesnt work, change it to any.

You might get into some laggy games, but I never have any problems and I have all the map packs.

And I really dont understand why its working that way for you. I would think having the map packs would give you more lobbies than less. If someone doesnt have them it usually changes the mpa right before the game starts.

Sounds like a NAT issue to me.  May want to look into opening the appropriate ports.

@MaTtKs NAT says open and I have all the proper ports forwarded correctly.  Even if it was a NAT issue, why is it when I delete both the map packs...I find more games than I do with both of them?  It really makes no sense.

     I think it might be a server issue.

^^Where did ya get that Phd? Just asking.

It could be your connection. I play on other's accounts who don't have any of the DLC, or some of the DLC and find games easily . I'm no fanboy, but  Treyarch gets the blame all too often for things they don't have control of. If you don't like the game, don't play it. No reason to flame.

In kicking rear-ends. Jk.