Really need to hide the decks

This is getting ridiculous, every match I join someone switches decks at the last second.  You don't get to know what your opponents playing in real life it shouldn't be allowed in the game.  Of all the errors and problems this is the only one I think should be fixed first.


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I like to be able to see the decks, but I wouldn't care if they were hidden. People will *** about it either way. IMO, the bigger problem is the last second switch.


It seems like part of the issue could be resolved by adjusting the mechanics of the pre-match lobby. We're seeing decks switched at the last moment mainly on the host side (at least in my experience) because when he hits "A" the match starts immediately. If the host wants to swap decks for whatever reason and hit "A" right after, it doesn't leave time for the second player to switch as well.


I can think of a few solutions and I'm sure there's a handful more:


1) Much like the old version, add a 5 second countdown after the host hits "A" and have the counter start over again if someone swaps a deck. It would give players plenty of time to adjust to each other. The downside is this swapping could go back and forth and be annoying, but at least you have some control.


2) Simply keep people from swapping decks in the pre-match lobby. Not so much of an issue for 1v1, but could be more of an annoyance for those who like other game types.


3) Have the match start immediately when the second player joins the lobby. This is very similar to number 2, but would keep random lamers from from sitting in the lobby taking their sweet time to start a match. The added benefit of this system would be that if one was inclined to game the ranked ladder by waiting for a friend to join, start a match and default, they would have a much harder time pulling it off.

The decks do need to be hidden, it is starting to ruin the games/lobbies.

I guess this is a matter of what level of evil you want to allow.

Most evil: Being able to see the other players deck allows players at the last moment to switch to the optimal deck to beat it.

Medium evil: Hiding what decks are being played.  Makes people prefer to play the best deck only.

Least evil: Not letting anyone game the system by making their deck choice be random.

I am ranked very highly on the original version of DOTP, at first I would play any deck, but once I decided to care about rank, I just stuck to one deck all the time, it was quite boring, but it was the only reliable way to improve rank.  I would really love a less boring way to do so.

Another thought would be to hide the deck choices, and have a separate leader board for each deck, so if someone did play a weaker deck, they could still be ranked as one of the best players with that deck.

Absolutely. An option for a hidden and/or randomly-selected deck match would be awesome! Unfortunately, I doubt they'll implement it... The original Duels on XBLA worked the same way, and peope did the same thing (swap-out decks). It's really obnoxious, and sounds like such an easy fix.


@petritis: I think that would be a good idea too, but only if it was a personal option.  Like you could pick 'random deck' while the other person can still pick a set deck if they want.  Just because a lot of people don't unlock all the decks and if you had to go random and got a deck you didn't finish it would make for a sparsely used feature.

im only currently playing on steam, and that version doesn't show what deck the other player is using.  it's only a matter of time before it is patched for xbox

u kno wat ur right, they only switch cuz they are scared to lose, u know who you are you jerks! especially ones who say "Untill they fix it i will capitalize..." (u know who you are ***) , and try to brag about being in the top 200 for doing it.

Agreed. Not gonna touch ranked until this gets resolved.

What we really need is a random deck duel option.  Hiding them will still make an unhealthy mix of what decks are played.