Really enjoyed my early access to beta....NOT

Bought the MOH LE game when it came out and is registered with EA/Origin....never got the email with the code.

Logged onto the chat helpline and was told I will not be sent one as they have no record of me having the game....can't argue with that I suppose, after all they know better than me

So waiting for the best part of 2 days to be told it was not sent in the first place is pretty poor, but by all accounts the beta was not all that good according to several reports.

Oh well, hopefully I will be able to find out myself tomorrow, that's if the servers are up


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the beta wont WOW you, but it doesnt suck.

if you just remember that it is a Beta and not the final build,you might just enjoy it,i like it.Already better than MOH!

the only good thing about MoH was i got more for it on trade in than i paid for it in the first place

You're not missing much.

Put in Medal of Honor. Play it. Congrats, you just played Battlefield 3. I've been staring at my Pre-Order for Battlefield 3 all morning, since playing the 'Beta', which is just a Demo, Devs confirmed this on Twitter and even the forums. Just contemplating canceling my Pre-Order. I was excited...Really excited for BF3. Then I played that Demo they're trying to pass off for a Beta, despite what we really got was an outdated Alpha, again, confirmed by the Devs.