REAL Survival/ Horror Experience... Dead Space!

I've been referring people to play the series a lot lately, most of them are fans of Resident Evil and Silent Hill. And I think we all can agree those games are pretty much passed their prime as far as true "survival/ horror" goes. The thing is tho, I just HOPE DS3 sticks to their roots and not go too Hollywood and action packed as RE is trying to be. I haven't had such an experience as DS has provided and I'm actually pretty positive that DS3 won't disappoint. Capcom "thinks" there is not market for this genre, they are SO WRONG! DS proves this, I just believe RE & SH lost their way (weak mechanics, visuals, story & gameplay) and can't give that same experience as they use to. Dead Space is now the king of this genre. DS2 sold very well and there is still more & more people finding out (which is great). I just hope some more DS3 news comes soon :(

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The reason Capcom thinks there's no market for this genre is because once you play the game, that's it, it's finished. That's why a lot of developers are making multiplayer games and why Visceral  integrated MP into DS2. Developers don't want to make games like Dead Space because the consumer sees it as a rental or a used game purchase. Developers don't make as much money on this genre. The only game that scares me when I play online is Gears of War. When you get sniped, didn't know it was coming and you hear that POP; oh man it's quite an experience. That's really the only time I get scared playing online. I can't see any other ways to multiply that experience but maybe some creative developer, in the future, will.