Reading Too Many Active Players....


I'm at a loss with GOW3. For some reason it is reading player 2 as "Not Signed In" and won't allow a second player to log in for Co-op because of "Too Many Active Players" even though the second player isn't logged in at all. I've tried resetting, erasing all old saves, even replacing the game. Still stuck on this one and can't find anything about it in general forums.

The only thing I can think of is that my husband's original gamer tag required a security update and he couldn't remember/recover the password so he created a new one. We erased the old tag. Could it be stuck somehow? And how do I fix this? Any suggestions would be helpful.


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how many active players can be handled by xbox one kinect?

if the xbox 360 kinect can handle 6 players, but only 2 players active. how abaout xbox one?