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ORC Military (Organized Resistance Corp) Join Today

We are a BFBC2 / BF3 clan. This clan has been restarted from ORC, ViciouSxGeneraL has run this clan for 5 years, and now we are going to have a unstopable team, our record still stands at 208-0 Underground Clan Battles. We do clan battles for fun now. we have an airforce, Snipers, Special Forces, and an army. we also have a boot camp for those who want to learn skills(flying, driving tanks etc)

Our main Goal at ORC is to make a fun but Organized clan. We want our members to have fun and have a great experiance, and meet cool people. we are growing fast but here at ORC HQ we are to have a big but controlable clan, meaning we will not have more than 25 members. In the Air Force there will be only 5 members for BFBC2. In the Army there will be 10 members in both BFBC2 and BF3. In the Snipers there will be 5 members in both BFBC2 and BF3. We are not just a clan but we are a community of mature gamers that like to play BFBC2 & BF3. This is a Military based clan with the fun side of a clan, where members can get promotions to higher ranks, and much much more. Most of the members that we have already are either going into or are out of the military. But we also let every one that has no military experience. 

CLAN OWNERS - ViciouSxGeneraL / Mobius 11729  [USA / CANADA] Division

ARMY - These Soldiers will be the backbone of the ORC Military, Driving Tanks and other Vehicles, Will be Incharge of backing up and helping the Marines push the enemy out of the area, These Soldiers (IF NEEDED) can call for Evac's, Air Support, get in the helicopter for a Drop on to the front lines. These Soldiers will take orders from the (HRO).

SNIPERS-These Soldiers are the Silent and Deadly Assassins of the ORC Military. They will be incharge of spotting enemies. These Assassins will take orders from Higher Ranking Officials (HRO).

AIR FORCE- These Soldiers are the PILOTS of the ORC Military. They will be incharge of Dropping Troops into Combat, Provide Evac's for Troops if needed, give Support to Soldiers, Provide Intel on enemy encampments, Neutralize all enemy Air units. These Airmen will take orders from Higher Ranking Officials (HRO).

SPECIAL FORCES - These Elite Soldiers are Hand Picked by the Supreme Commander of the ORC Military / General of the Army / General of the Marines. These are the most deadly members in the ORC Military. These troops will be dropped in behind enemy lines with help of the Air Force, and they will work to destroy the enemy from with in. They will also carry out SnD (Search and Destroy) missions.

Must speak english (we allow any country)
ages-16 and up
Mature Players

WEBSITE - http://orc-clan.moonfruit.com

if you have questions message any of the Owners.
Supreme Commander = ViciouSxGeneraL / Owner
General of the Army = Mobius 11729 / Owner
General of the Air Force = Death Assuredz


- ViciouSxGeneraL -


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