Reach Title Update

i only got 1 advertisement for the TU and tried to add points with my Credit Card but it did not work so now that i have the points, how do i get the TU?

I REALLY WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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love the tu fixed a lot of problems i had playing multi player overall it feels a lot more balenced and fair. i only have 1 request please put headhunter and crazy king seperate from the slayer maps i love those gametypes and i hardly get to play them due to your vote system. i will however keep playing no matter what!

The Title Update is free. When you accept to download it, it gets downloaded. If you're still playing Reach online then you already have it. If you were not updated, you would not be allowed access to play on Xbox Live until you downloaded it.

Well, they haven't done a real playlist update yet. They tweaked it minorly to add the TU Beta and remove classic, but that's it. Once Anniversary rolls around, we'll get some more playlists changed.