Reach DLC

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if the reach DLC is worth it, if i only play MP every once in awhile maybe 1 a week.


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Um, i would say it's a yes.

Now it also depends on two things.


1. Do you play firefight?

2. Do you like custom games?


Both offer something unique, i myself.

Have both DLC, and it's cost effective.

You have Breakpoint (From the Noble Map pack DLC), the new Invasion map.

Unearthed (from the Defiant Map Pack), a whole new firefight map complete with rocket hog.

Hi, i would suggest if you have the $ to spend then yes!!! IMO they are good maps and can be fun depending on the game types you like! Also there are achievements to be had, and if you like those, go for it =)


On the the other side of things, the DLC has its own playlist and a limited number of players compared to normal MM, so if you dont play so much you might find playing against more experienced players in a small playlist not so much fun!


Hope that kinda helps =)

I wish there was a firefight map with a normal worthog like the one on ODST. Man that map was so fun.

I love the DLC, and at first I was worried about having it >.<;;

But it's a blast XD

In my opinion, no. Steer clear of the DLC. The maps are decent on the first DLC, but the second DLC is terrible. Maybe you should get them if they go to half price, but otherwise they aren't worth the money of neccessary to continue playing multiplayer as much as you do. Avoid.

take it from a man that doesnt have the DLC yes, its worth it, I do have plans in the not so distant future to buy them, been wanting to buy them since the day they came out, havent had the time to get a MS points card and I dont plan on using a credit card but I will buy them soon

if you're a reach fan you should buy them regardless of what other people say ;)

Yes, get the DLC.

If Modest Elf is a man...why the girl pic ? mm, probably best not to ask.

He is male, and I asked the same question :P

if you're not bob why do you have bob on your gamertag?

I'll get the dlc ASAP, dont want to be left out on the FGN cause I dont have them

my spartan is a female and my gamertag has vanille so everyone thinks I'm a girl but who knows and who cares, I'm from the internet 

LOL no need to worry about that Elf, we very rarely use the dlc maps.

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