Reach disc breaking - MS told me to talk to publisher

My disc is cracking in four seperate places from the inside out. To my knowledge, the case is supposed to keep the disc from breaking. This is the 4th or 5th time an MS certified case has broken a game of mine. I for some reason can't sign onto the Bungie forums right now. It just says "Sign-in offline" in the top right corner and I can only view threads. Does anyone have a number for me to call to get a hold of them? I paid $150 for this game. I would expect it to not break within a year of owning it.


Fyi, it's installed on my disc. This had to be done because of the load failure issue that is still unresolved by Bungie. When I put it in the disc tray, it just says open tray.


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I would email or call support, posting in the forums isn't going to help you much...

Do any other games have the "open tray" message?

Only ones that crack in the "oily" center that says Xbox all over it from going in and out of cases too much. I called support and they said they don't replace cracked discs as that isn't a manufacturer's issue. So, I guess it's just another one of MS's clever tricks to get you to have to spend more money on their garb.


Anyways, they told me to contact Bungie/publisher. And again, I can't sign on to post. So I was hoping someone could get me a number or something.

Funny, my Reach disc is cracked badly in the center, one part even chipped off, yet it still reads. The games I have troubles with are the ones that are in perfect condition like Black Ops :/

Start storing all your disc in those Leather disc holder purse Thingys. Sorry don't know what they're called. I have my Reach disc in one of those :P

Yeah, good tip ^ I never keep games in the cases either, I have a CD Wallet :P

Buuut if I'm honest most of my games are on top of the tv stand :P

Games in a wallet rather than the case is something I would never consider but I've also never, ever damaged a disc.

Particularly not in an official case, though I have seen them damaged in other storage items.

Wallets are worse for your games as over time they will be scratched beyond repair.

I can't believe no one noticed this yet... Microsoft told you to talk to the publisher, right? Microsoft IS the publisher of this game... Please tell me that was just a typo and MS isn't playing tricks on people!