Re: How rampant are the issues with this game?

Let me start out by apologizing for making a new thread for this, but for some reason trying to reply to any of the posts in the original thread wasnt bringing up a window for me..

Congrats if you ended up downloading Honest Hearts and enjoy it. but for me, I believe it did cause some glitches. First off, first time playing New Vegas after downloading it, I lost a game full of items I had collected. I was storing all my items throughout the whole main game in a mailbox in Goodsprings, never had any issues, downloaded Honest Hearts and started from my last save to play it, the mailbox was empty. All the weapons, food, miscellaneous items, I had collected for the whole game were gone.

Secondly, forgot about the playing the slots 10 times achievement while going through the game, and when I went into the casinos to pick it up, now I'm getting a "invalid chiptype in inventory" message. I've looked online about this message, and it is a problem that other people are having, but haven't a found a way to fix it. But this is something else that only started happening after downloading Honest Hearts, so...



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This is usually solved by clearing your cache and re-downloading your update. although try it without the update and see what happens.

I know of bugs and glitches that followed from Fallout 3 and Oblivion. Much is caused from the game generator that was used for all three games. Some a re a minor inconvenience. Others can ruin a game for You from corrupting a few saves to wiping out entire caches of saves (12 in My case). I'm hoping when Fallout 4 is developed it is built with Bethesda's new game engine.